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Why Your Vote Counts


Free and Fair Elections Matter

A Democrat running for Secretary of State

As Secretary of State, I plan to add polling stations in disenfranchised and low-income areas, enhance voter’s guide pamphlets to understand referendums easily, and expand voter education through social media platforms and school programs. I will maintain the mail-in-voting process and pursue a solution to decrease signature rejections.  I plan to combat election misinformation and disinformation by maintaining a high level of transparency and security, educating voters, and conducting audits and tests. I will make sure every county is prepared for emergencies and significant events. I have ideas to enhance and make business filing more convenient, adding digital scanning to the state archives so citizens can easily access them. I do not believe the 2020 election was stolen. I do not believe or think there was vast widespread election fraud. 
I am running for Secretary of State because I have taken the time to learn about the position; I have taken the time to learn about the issues that voters are most concerned about. I am here to give the voters hope and restore confidence in our election process and democracy. At the same time, I have not had direct experience in politics or being a Secretary of state. However, I am confident that I can handle the position; I am innovative, courageous, creative, knowledgeable in election administration, and full of integrity. I can do more than tackle election and voter misinformation but bring clarity and transparency to the office. I can carry the legacy that Washington state has maintained throughout the years.